Here at Alpha Omega Wealth, we want to work with you to build your personal wealth. We strive to teach you how to enjoy life now while you accumulate wealth. We want to change your lives. Here are five books that share the goals that we have for you. Along with Alpha Omega Wealth practices, these books can teach you the best practices of private wealth management.

The 5 Best Books on Private Wealth Management

Rich Dad, Poor Dad

This financial classic, Rich Dad, Poor Dad, compares an eighth-grade dropout to a college professor. Robert T. Kiyosaki explores how one is living from each paycheck, and the other learned to live within his means. It will give you an understanding of the most basic financial principles that people often overlook.

aowk4decemberbooksYour Money or Your Life

Many of the steps and tips given in this book align with our belief at Alpha Omega Wealth that being financially intelligent shouldn’t limit your life. Vicki Robin demonstrates that living within your means increases your quality of life!

The Richest Man in Babylon

Even more tried and true than Rich Dad, Poor Dad, The Richest Man in Babylon has been inspiring intelligent personal wealth management since the 1920s. Told through biblically-inspired parables, George S. Clason encourages saving over spending. He also encourages charitable giving without making the recipients financially dependent.

The Millionaire Next Door

The authors of this book, Thomas J. Stanley and William D. Danko researched the differences between households with a net worth of $1 million or more and those with a net worth of under $1 million. They identified that a majority of individuals have a low net wealth compared to their income. They provide advice in The Millionaire Next Door on how to accumulate personal wealth that is more closely related to your income.

Becoming Your Own Banker

Nelson Nash walks you through changing the way you approach money. He encourages you to revamp the way you think about and use your own money. Infinite Banking is considered an intimidating and confusing concept by a lot of people, but Becoming Your Own Banker explains how it works. It isn’t a book for skimming, but for serious learning.

Put your new knowledge to work.

We want to help you sort through the knowledge you gain through these books and put it into practice! Contact us to begin improving your private wealth management strategy and living the life you want today.