Do you know what’s wrong with the way you’ve been taught to bank and save? Have you ever considered adding up all of that extra interest you pay banks and corporate lenders? We have; interest consumes approximately one-third of the Average American’s after-tax income. By mastering the revolutionary concept of infinite banking, our financial professionals teach our clients how to recapture and preserve their wealth through income protection.

Develop an Income Protection Strategy That Fits Your Future

Unlike most financial planners, Alpha Omega Wealth isn’t here to sell you on a product but rather, we want to know more about you. Who you are, what your goals are, and most importantly, how we can help you get there. By connecting your values, priorities, and goals with your income, assets, and liabilities, our team of infinite bankers can help you develop a long-term income protection plan that protects what you have while growing a legacy that will protect you long into the future.

Stay protected in the short term and the long-term

As experts in developing private wealth management strategies for a diverse clientele, our team of money saving experts has more than 150 years of collective experience. Our mission is to empower clients like you to confidently and competently take command of your finances through long term and short term income protection.

The benefits of income protection through infinite banking:

  • The ability to control your capital and, most importantly, your cash flow.
  • The ability to self-finance ‘big purchases’ like equipment, property, and business expenses.
  • Ability to fund college and retirement for yourself and your family
  • Maintain or enhance your ability to pay down your mortgages and reduce your debt
  • Enjoy the comfort of knowing all of your assets are protected.
  • Recover the interest you’ve been paying to banks and lenders.

Infinite banking methods have been around for more than 200 years, but it is only now that financial professionals are unlocking the vault and letting their clients in on the secrets of the wealthy. By teaching you how you can use your own resources to privately finance everything from cars and homes to vacations, college careers, and medical expenses we can help you achieve the security you’ve been looking for.

Pave the Way for Long-Term Security with Alpha Omega Wealth

Schedule a consultation with our financial professionals to learn more about how the concept of infinite banking can inform and enhance your income protection plan.