The method we use here at Alpha Omega Wealth is different than financial planning you may have tried in the past. We use proven steps to help you grow your personal wealth and take control of your private wealth management.

This is not financial planning.

Financial planning focuses on limiting your quality of life to meet your financial means. It focuses on reducing spending habits and maximizing saving. Here at Alpha Omega Wealth, we developed a method that stops limiting you and helps you save even more.

Our method focuses on what’s possible for your life. Our personal wealth management method is based on getting you to a place where you enjoy your work and your life while you live it. It focuses goals on improving your life now instead of working only toward retirement.

Four easy tips for saving money

  1. Use of Present Dollars: We begin by looking at how you use the money you have right now. Investment requires you to let go of present dollars with the hope that they will be returned (and multiplied) in the future. Have you considered who really has the advantage in that situation?
  2. aowk3decUse of Velocity: Financial planning encourages you to keep your money still and build compound interest. It feels smart and safe. However; just like in any business, keeping money in motion is much more efficient for making a profit. We can help you understand why this doesn’t mean colossal spending in an attempt to save.
  3. Management of Cash Flow: Financial institutions are earning record profits with other people’s money – our money. We aren’t earning back a proper portion anymore. There are alternatives, and we can lead you to them.
  4. Ownership of Life Insurance: Finding and owning the proper investment-grace, dividend-yielding insurance is a tried and true step in financial planning that we have adopted into our private wealth management method.

Get the details.

The outline of the method we use to help real people gain personal wealth may have left you with more questions and curiosity than you had before. We understand that and want to help! Contact our personal wealth advisors to get started saving and living for your current life instead of retirement.