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It’s why we get up every morning. It’s an opportunity to affect change in people through altering their life, legacy, and financial future through the infinite banking. By putting money back into your pockets and not the pockets of lenders, we empower people everyday to live from a fearless financial future.

At Alpha Omega Wealth, we have 35 years of experience in offering insurance and financial services which are custom-fitted to business owners, professionals and entrepreneurs.

Our professional team of experts will show you how to build on a 200+ year proven method on becoming your own banker. The advantages of Private Family Banking are:

  • Controlling Your Own Capital
  • Financing Equipment, Real Estate and Business Expenses
  • Funding College and Retirement
  • Paying Mortgages and Reducing Debt
  • Enjoying Asset Protection
  • Recycling Your Own Money
  • Recovering the Interest Previously Paid to Others
  • Avoiding Stock Market Volatility
  • Utilizing a Generational Planning Tool
  • Keeping more for your family and paying less to corporate banks, finance companies, and the government!

Contact AlphaOmega Wealth today to become your own banker and unlock the vault to your financial success.

Twelve Principles of Financial Prosperity


Owning a prosperity mind-set eliminates poverty; scarcity thinking keeps you stuck. More value is lost due to wrong thinking than to poor investment choice, timing & other factors. It’s not about portfolio makeup, timing, or risk. It’s ALL about the systematic methodology of putting the money in, and never losing it. But most of all it’s about how you think.


Increase your prosperity by adopting a “big picture” perspective in which you can see how each one of your economic decisions affects all the others. Avoid financial “tunnel vision”. Example: making financial choices based on tax considerations only.


Always measure your opportunity costs – what your dollars could earn if you did not spend or commit them elsewhere. Awareness of opportunity costs enables you to recover them. Ignore this at your peril. Example: deferred-tax retirement plan, buying gold, raw land, penny stocks, etc.


The true measure of prosperity is cash flow. Don’t focus on net worth alone.


Those with the gold make the rules. Stay in control of your money rather than relinquishing control to others. (Brokers earn 1-2% of assets regardless of earnings / Wall St. = $1.2 bil/day)


The velocity of money is the movement of dollars through assets. Movement accelerates prosperity; accumulation slows it down. Avoid stagnation in assets where dollars accumulate but are not put to use. (Cash savings = money sitting)


Prosperity comes readily when your money “multiplies” – meaning that one dollar does many jobs. Your money is disabled when each dollar performs only one or two jobs.


Live beneath your means. If you don’t have the money, don’t buy it. Just because you can make the payment doesn’t mean you can afford it. Don’t use credit except for emergencies.


Save more than you think you need to. Very few except the 1% can plan for 40 years in retirement. Rethink the idea of “retirement”. The future is described as “unknown” for a reason. The best way to plan for the future is to create it.


Lead your life. Don’t follow (the majority). Watch what the majority does, then do the opposite. The majority, by definition, can only achieve ‘average’ results, never above-average results


Leave a Legacy. Think, imagine, plan your gift to future generations – not in financial terms but more urgently in terms of your impact on your Family Wealth, Educational Wealth, Community Wealth and Generational Wealth.


You can design the most elaborate and provocative blueprint…but unless you take Action, your mansion will never come out of the ground!!

Why Should You Enroll in an Advanced Course on Money

We have been teaching our clients the process of private family funding longer than anyone else!

We are among the most tenured and experienced practitioners in the United States, with 40 years of experience in private family funding or IBC.

We are an independent firm, representing our clients to the most reputable carriers, chosen according to our Clients’ best interests.

The CEO of Alpha & Omega Financial is the author of cutting-edge articles on the subject and…

  • Is admitted to the Nelson Nash Institute as an Authorized Practitioner.
  • Is a Charter Member of The MasterMind Group, the leading, invitation-only study group on private banking.
  • Is a Participant and Presenter at Infinite Banking Think Tank, a national symposium for IBC advisors held annually in the author’s home city.
  • Was personally involved in proposing and testifying before the Nevada State Legislature; as well as the successful passing and signing into law of S.B. 348 (2011) for the unlimited protection of insurance and annuity cash values in the state of Nevada. (15 states have similar laws – most states have limitations on this protection)
  • Holds Chartered Financial Consultant (ChFC) and Chartered Life Underwriter (CLU) credentials from the American College, Bryn Mawr, Pa.
  • Is a Member in good standing with the National Association of Insurance and Investment Advisors (NAIFA) recognized as the oldest and largest advocacy association in the U.S. (See the NAIFA Code of Ethics, then ask your advisor if he or she is member – and if not, why not)
  • Is a Member in good standing with Million Dollar Round Table for over 28 years. MDRT is recognized in over 130 countries as the top sales organization for financial professionals. (MDRT should be the minimum standard for professionalism and proficiency in the investment and insurance industry. See the MDRT Code of Ethics – then ask your advisor if he or she is member – and if not, why not)

What We Do for You

We conduct regular seminars on private banking for advisors and clients.

We have dedicated facilities for IBC teaching, briefings, study groups and education on private wealth management.

We maintain in-house administration and support services for our clients’ management of their family banking systems.

We consult with our clients’ legal and accounting advisors for the most effective methods for the implementation of private banking (IBC).

Our firm has implemented over $100 million of life insurance each and every year for the past 30+ years, for individuals, estate and business owner clients.

If you are interested in becoming your own banker, contact us today to get enrolled in a seminar to learn more.

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