In 2015, S&P Global published the first ever FinLit Survey. Conducted by researchers from the World Bank, Gallup, and George Washington University, the comprehensive analysis of worldwide financial literacy found that only one-third of the world’s population is financially literate. Today, big banks and corporations regularly take advantage of age-old techniques used by the wealthy to retain and grow their wealth. We call this method Infinite Banking. Learn how our financial education services can help you grow your wealth.

Financial Education Services to Enhance Your Financial Literacy

Harness education to establish a legacy

Also called legacy banking by some, Infinite Banking is a term used to refer to a technique of investing that involves establishing your private banking system. One of the most common concerns the financial professionals at Alpha Omega Wealth see is how to help our clients effectively manage and grow their wealth without relying on banks that eat up as much as 34% of your after-tax income each year in interest alone.

Introducing the power of Infinite Banking

One of the first lessons you will learn from us is how to recapture the interest you’ve been paying to banks and finance companies through financing items everyone needs through their lifetimes.

By teaching you how to reimagine—and manage—your debt, our private wealth managers can help you establish a private banking system from which you can finance large items like cars, major appliances, homes, and even your children’s education.

Reimagine retirement by managing your wealth

By mastering the tools of infinite banking as taught by our private wealth management firm, you’ll gain a new perspective on the idea of retirement. You’ll also learn how to take action now to ensure you, your spouse, or your loved ones enjoy the security of passive income through your retirement.

Your Education Starts Today

Start your journey to long-term security today by downloading our free e-book. Our team of financial professionals is passionate about education , which is we why we offer free consultations to all of our clients. Connect with Alpha Omega today.