Becoming your own banker does not have to be a struggle; we want to help you learn more about personal wealth management and how effortless the process can be if you get the right assistance. The fifth principle of the Principles of Financial Prosperity tells you to CONTROL your life and money. Being in control of your money is the core of what it means to be your own banker.

How to Take Back Control of Your Money with a Stronger Focus on Finances

The people who run banks know what they’re doing, and when it comes to becoming your own banker, you should mimic some of the things banks do to increase their own cash flow.

Banks lend money at a higher rate than the amount of money they allow to the borrower to make money. Banks then collect interest payments from all the debt securities they own. This process creates a seemingly endless cycle as people need to borrow money from banks every day.

Personal finance management

The infinite banking concept is built heavily on the fifth principle of prosperity: “Control your life.” Taking personal control of your own finances is what it means to be your own banker. With our methods, we can help you put money back into your own pocket and essentially start paying yourself back with interest after you spend money.

Those with the gold make the rules. Why relinquish control to others, when you can better manage your own capital wealth? By taking a focus on finances, you take control of your own destiny and begin a to build an even brighter future for your family.

Family finance management

An old Chinese proverb states, “Wealth never survives three generations.” In American, we use, “from shirtsleeves to shirtsleeves in three generations.” The message behind these proverbs is simple: the first generation builds wealth, the second generation mismanages and spends the wealth, and the third generation has nothing left.

Approximately 70% of intergenerational wealth transfers fail. The key to a successful intergenerational wealth transfer is education about proper investing and financial management. According to Forbes, many wealthy people don’t talk to their children about family finances.

Not having a proper conversation with children with a focus on finances eventually backfires. Many people with trust funds over the age of 30 know it exists but have no idea how much is in it. Sitting down as a family with a financial advisor gives everyone control when managing family finances.

Focus on Finances with Alpha Omega Wealth

The team at Alpha Omega Wealth specializes in the infinite banking concept. We make it our goal to help you take back control of your money and better perform private wealth management. Learn more about our financial education services to take control of your financial future.

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