saveAt Alpha Omega Wealth, our mission is to help our clients get on the right track to long-term financial independence and private wealth management. We consider our clients to be more than customers—they’re partners. Our financial advisors will partner with you to teach you about the power of the infinite banking concept and the value of prosperity economics.

As we help start you on your journey, the seven principles of financial prosperity will become key in helping you understand why becoming your own banker will ensure your future prosperity.

7 Principles of Prosperity Economics

1. Think of your present while seeing your future

Establishing and maintaining a prosperous mindset is essential to eliminating poverty from your life. What we call a ‘scarcity mentality’ keeps you stuck where you are in the present by hindering your ability to grow. By working with our wealth management firm, you’ll learn that more value is lost due to the wrong frame of mind rather than poor investment choices, timing, or other factors.

We always teach our clients to keep the “Big Picture” in mind when designing their financial future. Why? Because this shift in perspective allows you to see how each economic decision affects every other one. Working with an Alpha Omega Wealth financial planner will help you avoid financial tunnel vision as you work toward long term goals and dreams.

2. See your risks and opportunity

Our private wealth managers will teach you to monitor your opportunity cost so you know what your dollars could be earning if they weren’t committed elsewhere. Staying on top of opportunity costs allows you to recoup and leverage them for growth.

3. Measure and maintain your legacy

One of our CEO’s favorite phrases is “Those with the gold make the rules.” We teach you to stay in control of your money—instead of giving that control to banks or corporations. By implementing private banking systems, YOU get the financial gains of your wealth. Learn why your net worth isn’t the only goal you should have in mind and how the actual measure of prosperity is cash flow.

4. Flow toward private wealth management

Why let your money sit when it could be working for you instead? The velocity of money describes the cash flow of your dollars through financial assets. The key to economic prosperity is knowing how to increase your wealth readily. You want your money to serve many functions and develop wealth; our financial advisors can show you the way.

5. Control your life

At its core, financial planning is about empowering you to become the leader of your life, instead of simply following the majority. Living beneath your means is easier said than done, but it is essential to long-term financial success. If you don’t have the money, you can’t buy it, EVEN with a credit card.

6. Move toward a legacy

Always save more money than you think you’ll need. We’ll show you why a larger safety net is a good idea and why you should rethink your idea of “retirement.” The best way to plan for your future is to create it today. When you set up your private banking systems, you are also leaving a lasting legacy for future generations. Private banking looks beyond traditional financial terms and more to how your long-term legacy planning can provide wealth in every aspect of your life.

7. Multiply your wealth

Planning without implementation can only take you so far. Work with experienced financial advisors to act on your knowledge and start building the bridge to a bright financial future, today!

Welcome Prosperity into Your Life through Infinite Banking

At Alpha Omega Wealth, we strive to spread the knowledge of these principles of prosperity economics. We get our clients on track to financial independence by partnering you with a financial advisor who is invested in not just meeting your financial needs, but in helping you attain the legacy you and your family deserve.

Learn more by attending a free infinite banking seminar near your or by scheduling your own free consultation.