As financial professionals, community leaders, educators, and philanthropists, our team at Alpha Omega Wealth have helped individuals and entrepreneurs of all backgrounds learn how to harness the power of their dollar through infinite banking. One of the most common misconceptions we face is that the average person doesn’t think he, she, or their family could benefit from a financial planner’s guidance.

Prepare for Tomorrow by Investing in Today with a Financial Planner

In January, Forbes published an article that looked at the state of retirement in America. Although the number of near-retirees with some retirement account savings has more than doubled since 1989, people still aren’t saving enough for retirement. In fact, conservative estimates regarding the retirement savings gap are still in the trillions.

The reasons people put off talking to a financial planner include:


  • Mistaken assumption that retirement is too far off to plan for now
  • Retirees who think they no longer can benefit from financial planning
  • Entrepreneurs, investors, and retirees who think that investment advice and sound financial strategy are the same things
  • Entrepreneurs or individuals with outmoded financial asset management plans

Do I need a financial planner before retirement?

Working with a financial advisor isn’t just for people with a lot of money or those with a strong understanding of what they want their finances and retirement plan to look like. And, you definitely don’t want to wait until receive notice of an audit. Financial planners are an excellent resource for those who are still trying to master the nuances of their finances and don’t have a plan.

When you find the right private wealth manager, you get instant access to unbiased and fact-based expert advice that you can benefit from for years to come. If you go to the doctor to maintain your health, why not go to a financial planner who can ensure your finances are healthy, too?

Here are some questions you can answer by working with a financial advisor:


  • Are you saving enough to live comfortably after retirement?
  • What do you stand to gain if you sell or move around certain assets?
  • Should you make pre or post tax contributions to your retirement plan?
  • Are my spending levels or rates of return more likely to affect my retirement?
  • Can you afford to save for financial independence for retirement and your children’s education at the same time, or do you need to re-prioritize?
  • If you invest in property or a second home, will you still be able to retire when you want to?

Build Your Legacy and Make a Financial Plan That Works

At Alpha Wealth Omega, our infinite banking concept, taught by experienced financial planners, helps clients feel confident about their financial decisions and secure in the legacy we help them build. Are you ready to take the next step on your financial journey? Reach out to us for a free consultation today!