A main pillar of all financial preparation is saving for retirement. Many Americans find it difficult to grasp the concept of a time with potentially no income and growing expenses. This may be why the average American has only $60 thousand saved by the time they retire. Not to mention the 64% who have less than $50 thousand.

These Wealth Killers Are a Detriment to Saving for Retirement

These low savings amounts don’t mean that our fellow Americans refuse to save responsibly. They’ve just been fighting unstoppable wealth killers. Interest, loss, and taxes have eaten away at their wealth since they reached adulthood.


An average of 34.5% of a person’s after-tax income goes toward paying interest. The interest is paid on borrowed money for things like car loans, mortgages, credit cards, and student loans. The money travels from your hand into the bank.

Through infinite banking, you can stop throwing extra money at banks and instead, pay the interest to yourself. Eliminating the loss and turning it into a gain will make a huge impact on your retirement savings.

retired couple on beachLoss

In an attempt to grow personal wealth, people make risky investments. It may seem like a good idea when the market is moving up, but if an investment of any kind fails, the money is gone. This is a great way to lose all of your retirement savings.

Instead of putting money into the stock market or other risky investments, invest in yourself. Use your personal wealth to finance your own life. If your money stays in your hands, there is no risk of loss. You will only grow your private wealth.


Taxes are an inevitable part of life. They must be paid, but there is no reason to pay more than you have to. If you act as your own bank, your money stays in your possession. This allows you to access your money tax-free at any time. Eliminating taxes affects retirement savings in a big way.

Addressing these three wealth killers can lead you from a place of financial insecurity to one of confidence. Making saving for retirement feel less impossible is just one way infinite banking will change your financial life.

Are You Ready to Rethink Saving for Retirement?

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