Every so often I feel the need to assess and re-examine even the most basic truths and principles of our firm. I always want to steer as closely as possible to the exact correct course, which means that it’s better to make smaller corrections here and there than to be forced to make less frequent but larger, more painful ones.

Such is the case with our firm’s name.

under-constructionAlpha & Omega Financial Services, Inc. is our so-called corporate name. Which is to say, it’s the name we filed with the state of Nevada when we incorporated almost twenty years ago.

Our idea was – and still is – to offer the very best quality insurance, investment, consulting and strategy, from top-rated carriers, to our clients, who are primarily business owners, professionals and entrepreneurs – and those who desire to think like them!

The “Alpha” and the “Omega” are biblical references meaning the beginning and the end. Our intention here is to announce our connection to our Creator and to His book; to let our clients know that we acknowledge His truth as our foundation; and that we will always do the right thing. And so, we will endeavor every day to serve our clients in the best way we know how, and to act within absolute integrity at all times.

The “financial services” part of our name, while obvious-sounding, nevertheless needed a mild adjustment. Yes, we do provide life insurance, investments, annuities, income protection and related services. But we believe our emphasis needs to be the health and wealth of our clients. The “products”, while important, are just that: a means to a very important end.

Wealth comes in many forms: relationships; education; culture; family; generational values that are passed down over hundreds of years; community and charitable contributions and engagements; human fellowship; and of course, material or financial wealth.

We wanted to reflect our firm’s emphasis on all these values, not just one, in our name. We want to help our clients build and maintain and perpetuate their most vital family values listed above, not just those related to “money”.

We had also included our mission statement, Common Sense Economics, Changing Lives Forever”. Then I looked up the definition of “economics” which often implies the study of the accumulation, conservation and distribution of ‘scarce’ resources…

We simply don’t want our work to be synonymous with ‘scarcity’ of any kind – what a negative thought! On the contrary, we believe in humanity’s unquenchable ability, borne of its God-given talents, to create, enhance and to multiply resources (i.e. abundance) through generosity, ingenuity, thrift and wisdom. Abundance should always be the natural result of combining diligent effort with the truth. “Practice makes perfect” is a lie. You have to practice the RIGHT thing in order to get the RIGHT result.

Therefore, our emphasis will continue to be on the creation and growth of Wealth of all kinds.

Wealth with integrity. Wealth with consistency. Wealth with a safety net, if you will.

And we will continue to help families change their lives for the better, in all ways, financial and otherwise.

So, in accordance with these principles and with the abundant mindset that is essential to the optimization of our clients’ progress, we humbly announce our new, leaner and intentional name, as well as our mission statement:

Alpha Omega WEALTH ~ changing lives forever.

We look forward to sharing as we continue to study, prove and employ the best methods and practices to build Wealth steadily for our clients.

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-Joe Pantozzi

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