As a dynamic communications and financial professional of more than 15 years, Joanna Mummert’s path to joining the Alpha Omega Wealth team began with her passion for helping people, especially young entrepreneurs looking to establish a firm financial footing for the rest of their lives.

Learn How to Be Your Own Banker with Joanna Mummert

When it comes to helping people, Joanna has always gone above and beyond for her community. As an experienced financial professional and strategist, Joanna uses her skills to give back to the community by teaching Business Development Training classes at a non-profit in the Seattle area.

Joanna remains committed to helping guide the next generation of leaders. Through her work as a Regional Board Member of NPH USA, she helps fundraise for orphaned and abandoned children across Latin America.

Fulfill your legacy through infinite banking

For Joanna, partnering with clients as a trusted financial professional is more than a satisfying career; it’s a part of her mission to bring value and smart strategy to her clients’ financial goals. Through her work in the field, Joanna has developed a keen instinct for helping young professionals build a strong financial foundation while managing risk and accumulating personal wealth. A master strategist, Joanna is particularly skilled at teaching clients how to move their assets to prevent overpayment of unnecessary fees, interest rates, or taxes.

Meet a financial professional passionate about your business

As a financial professional and life insurance specialist, Joanna has worked with clients at every stage of life and financial success. Partnering with Alpha Omega Wealth in the Seattle area has empowered Joanna’s efforts to teach small business owners about the management tools they will need for success.

Create Wealth without the Risk of Wall Street

When it comes to setting up your business for financial security and long-term success, make sure you work with financial professionals who have the passion and knowledge you need to succeed. With more than 100 years of combined financial consulting experience. Calling Alpha Omega Wealth is an excellent way to start seeing benefits right away!