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At Alpha Omega Wealth, we aren’t reinventing the wheel. The tools for the attainment of personal wealth have been a well-kept secret until recently. We’re just showing people how to make use of techniques that have been making families wealthy for centuries. While most other financial advisors are salesmen, our team of experts is here to educate and empower you to take control of your own legacy through the infinite banking concept.

Each one of our employees has seen the benefit of private banking in their own lives, and that’s why we’re so passionate about helping people turn the banking equation around in their favor. Our approach to financial planning strategies is rooted in education and empowerment for you and your legacy. How our firm is different:

The Alpha Omega Wealth Method

Meeting goals vs. pursuing wants and dreams

Other financial planners can help you map out a way to meet your immediate needs and goals, but their advice can often leave you with money that’s sitting in an account owned by a bank. As we teach our clients, when your money sits, it’s working for someone else. By teaching you the meaning of wealth and giving you a more thorough sense of the what your assets are really worth, our financial advisors can help you create a financial plan that is based on an unlimited idea of “what is possible.”

Saving a few cents vs. optimizing opportunities

At Alpha Omega Wealth, we aren’t selling you financial products; we’re teaching you a new way to look at money and make it work for you. Our techniques have been used for more than a century by wealthy families, banks, and financiers. We’ll teach how to shift your financial approach from one that can barely afford savings, to one that makes your money work for you instead of your financial institution.

What you buy vs. What you do

We aren’t selling you a financial product, but rather, an education on how to create a successful financial strategy that is controlled by you, for you. Most other financial advisors will try to sell you miracle products that will ultimately end up lining the pockets of bigger companies. The Alpha Omega Wealth team not only practice infinite banking themselves, but they also help you implement those techniques with products that are vetted. We don’t recommend anything to our clients that hasn’t been proven to work.

Focus on rate-of-return vs. recovering opportunity cost

One of the first things we teach our clients is that your money must have velocity to ensure that you’re maximizing its buying power. While other strategies have you looking at a stagnate pile of money that’s getting taxed at the highest possible interest rate, our advisors will teach you how to take that savings and make it work for you at a better interest rate. This will free up more money to work for you.

Institutions controlling your money vs. taking control of your legacy

Imagine you made $100,000 last year. Most Americans try to save around 5% every year. That would amount to $95,000 in earnings and $5,000 in savings. At the end of the year, you’ll be taxed the highest possible amount on your savings. Meanwhile, the bank that has ‘held’ onto those funds was able to invest it in financial products that are taxed at a much lower rate. Guess where that extra money in interest goes? Right back into the pocket of your bank. That’s why we are so are passionate about showing clients how to regain their buying power back from the financial institutions that hold your money captive.

The little picture vs. the big picture

Working with a traditional financial advisor typically involving limiting the focus on an investment portfolio that is invariably tied to the financial products sponsored by your advisor’s company or affiliates. At Alpha Omega Wealth, we teach you how to build your own personal economy that is based on several moving parts that function cohesively to ensure a stable financial future for you and your family.

Cash flow vs. net worth

When you work with financial advisors or a wealth management firm that is only concerned with your net worth, you lose sight on opportunities for growth. At Alpha Omega Wealth, we will teach you about cash flow and how focusing on this aspect of money velocity can give you and your family more money to enjoy each month while staying on financial track.

Retirement oriented vs. freedom oriented

One of the greatest challenges some clients face is adopting the mindset of abundance. Simply put, at Alpha Omega Wealth, a large part of our job involves teaching clients how to “think like rich people.” A part of that involves getting clients to look at their financial planning strategies as a way to facilitate the enjoyment of work and life at every step along the way, instead of a distant future.

Living on interest vs. the principle of spending and replacing

One of the issues in the financial industry is that too many players are salesmen. Instead of being vested in the success of their clients, they are vested in the success of a financial product or program. This can put their clients even more at the mercy of financial institutions. At Alpha Omega Wealth, we teach clients a flexible and sustainable way to manage their money while living within their means.

Stagnate money vs. fast acting funds

Because traditional financial planning is based on the accumulation of wealth, financial products, securities, and more, most people end up with stagnate assets. When this happens, your money stops working for you and starts to work for your financial institutions; that’s why it’s important to keep it moving in and out of accounts. By teaching you how to establish and maintain money velocity, we can help you create and sustain a personal economy that can be built into a legacy that lasts forever.

Dollars do only one job vs. dollars doing many jobs

Many people set aside funds for emergencies, education, retirement, homes, and other large purchases. These funds are usually untouched until they’re needed. Then, they’re used for only one purpose. With the principles of prosperity economics, our financial advisors can teach you how to use dollars for financial flexibility.

Professional planners vs. empowering clients

At Alpha Omega Wealth we’re passionate about only one thing: empowering our clients to take financial control of their lives. Our proven strategies are over 100 years old. We’ve dusted them off and made them relevant to today’s financial environment and our current tax rules. We aren’t salesmen—we’re educators who are here to empower you by showing you how to rethink the role money plays in your life.

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