You owe it to yourself to review your options.

We can show you how to own it outright!

We can show you how to rent to own“.

We can show you how to own it, use it, recycle it, leave no dollars sitting inside it;
add it to your retirement assets; and other uses.

We can help you to…

1. Review the REASON why you purchased the planning

2. Determine whether your policy has kept up with your family’s lifestyle, needs, etc; will it adequately replace income or cover the right amount of your existing mortgage. I say that because the average American trades in their home every seven years! It’s as if they think it’s a car!

3. Review the AMOUNT of the insurance. Is it appropriate? Is it too high, too low or just right? We’ll give you a second opinion. We can provide you the analysis without cost or obligation, laying out carriers, premiums, contract terms as well as alternatives. (You may be asked to re-qualify medically)

4. Review your premium outlay. We may be able to INCREASE your coverage for the same outlay (medical qualifying required). We may be able to LOWER your outlay for the same coverage.

5. Are you aware of the income, estate or other TAXES that may apply to your existing life insurance?

We will explain the income tax and/or estate implications of your existing life insurance, and explain options to minimize or avoid potential taxes or fees through the use of trusts, beneficiary designations, and other strategies.*

* We are not attorneys, but we work very closely with legal counsel associated with our firm as well as with our primary carriers.

6. Your life insurance, even term insurance, may contain contractual options or riders that provide you additional value that you may have overlooked or forgotten. We will explain these options and help you to exercise those that maximize benefit for you – and remember that you paid for these options, so you owe it to yourself to find out how they might benefit you.

7. Review your underwriting class. Perhaps you purchased your policy as a smoker but quit over a year ago. We may be able to adjust your premium downward. Or perhaps your cholesterol was high when you took out your first policy – the list is endless…and other considerations.

Bottom line:
It costs you nothing to meet with us, and you may gain immensely.
You will want to call for a meeting with one of our specialists.

-Joe Pantozzi

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