Traditional financial planning is used to form a strategy for saving money for later. Saving money is important, no doubt, but it shouldn’t be everything. Set a savings goal to put a cap on your prosperity potential.

Prosperity economics works by forming goals around dreams and lifestyle desires. This method of thinking takes the cap off of your potential. It not only allows for continued growth past a particular goal but also makes it the only option.

Prosperity Economics Pursues Dreams Instead of Meeting Goals

The 401k-based financial planning practices haven’t worked to give you freedom and prosperity. We aren’t going to help you work harder at methods that haven’t worked. Prosperity economics is offering a whole new strategy for building your wealth.

Don’t put a cap on your prosperity potential.

Prosperity economics focuses on wealth building. We want to get your money moving. Money that moves grows at a much faster rate than money that’s sitting in savings hoping to accumulate a little interest.

Every day, banks lend out money to borrowers. That money is paid back to them with interest. Bank money is always moving, which means it’s also increasing.

Prosperity economics is common sense.

The basic ideas and practices of prosperity economics aren’t new. Before financial planning based on 401ks and big banks, people managed their wealth using common sense. Prosperity economics is simply bringing back that way of thinking.

What Are the First Steps of Personal Banking?

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