You may not be in the path of a storm now, but natural disasters are becoming more prominent. Everywhere in the United States, extreme weather events are not prejudiced to any region. Disasters like Hurricane Harvey and the California wildfires have affected thousands of lives.  And you never want to think that it can’t happen to you.

But have confidence that you can empower yourself. You can take steps to ensure your family’s finances will stay as safe as possible and solidify your financial preparedness. Steps like creating a financial planning emergency fund. But the first step is speaking with a financial advisor.

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Prepare before the Natural Disaster Happens

You can get started on the planning process by going to the Department of Homeland Security’s website. And the following tips do not guarantee that your finances will survive a disaster, but taking these precautions will put you on the right path.

Once you have assembled all of the following, make sure to keep them in an easy to remember location that you can access quickly when the emergency occurs. Here’s what you can do to protect your finances.

  1. Secure access to important documents – uploading copies digitally
  2. Take photos of your home – exterior and interior for insurance purposes
    3. Review your insurance policy – make sure you know what your policy is
    4. Set your bills to autopay – so you don’t have to worry about past due fees later
    5. Set up an emergency fund – have enough to carry basic needs

Essential Items for a Survival Kit for Natural Disasters

It’s always good to have a battery-powered radio and a weather radio with a flashlight with extra batteries. It essential to have a first aid kit. Put a whistle inside the kit. This would be used to signal for help. Pack several changes of clothes and coats that would be appropriate to protect against cold and rain. Then blankets or sleeping bags and backup cell phone charger, in case there is still electricity, and of course your identification.

Other Items to consider:

  • Infant formula and diapers, if you have a baby
    • Moist towelettes, hand sanitizer, garbage bags and plastic ties for personal sanitation
    • Dust mask or cotton T-shirt, to help filter the air, if needed
    • Plastic sheeting and duct tape to shelter-in-place
    • Wrench or pliers to turn off utilities
    • Manual can opener for food
  • An inventory of your valuables and personal belongings.


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Talk to our financial planner before the storm

When a natural disaster hits, there are ways to prepare to keep your family and home safe. Whether it is a hurricane, blizzard, or forest fire, there are steps you can take make sure that you and your family are prepared and protected. Make sure that you schedule your free consulation with one of Alpha Omega Wealth’s financial planners today!

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