Meet David Dinsmore

A loving husband and dad, a long time dentist and dental entrepreneur, owner of five practices, a student of life, a stand for human potential and love; a former college football quarterback/high school coach, life and performance coach to professionals, PGA teaching professionals, an NFL quarterback and head coach, marriage facilitation trainer, former Certified Strength & Conditioning trainer and holder of numerous full body sports medicine, life coaching, chronic pain and neurophysiology certifications.

During his career as a top 2 % earning dentist, he had the opportunity to be on the receiving end of numerous financial professional calls. Once David became debt free later on in his career he started wondering why he still wasn’t able to “retire” (Retirement is a completely different conversation and more related to purpose than it is finances). He discovered that there was a wealth of understanding and information that he never knew about how money worked and how properly designed life insurance really works when it is strategically designed to support your goals. David was never taught this.

He was hungry and sought out the best training, reading and team to support my mission of changing lives and supporting people through the resistance that holds them back from living on purpose, prosperous & free.

David is privileged to be associated with a vetted and experienced team in Alpha Omega Wealth.

Author: Inner Dentistry: Achieving Excellence-Co Author: The Retirement Challenge