You died last night. A shock! Who would have known? So many details you could have… should have… would have… Oh well, it’s simply too late to create a life insurance plan now.

life insurance planningImagine a Life Insurance Emergency Scenario

Now that I have your attention, imagine this scenario: you died last night. Your family, spouse, kids and heirs are on their way to my private wealth management office. They’ll be here in 15 minutes. Did you do enough financial planning with your wealth advisor? Your family is coming to my office to find out what plans you made for them.

Questions Your Family Will Need Answered

They’ll want to know if they can continue living in their house. Will the mortgage payment be made? And by whom? They need some cash to hold them over, maybe the next six months of your income. They want to know if the kids can stay in their private school, or in college.


Are all the income taxes paid for last year? For this year? Who is going to be the overseer or trustee for all these details? Does the business stay in the family? How do they make next week’s payroll? Are they going to be all right?


Your family will be here in 15 minutes. What do I tell them?

Be Your Own Banker and Prepare for the Future

If you’d like to know about the process of becoming your own banker and creating a comprehensive plan to address these and a hundred other questions, call our office for a meeting. We’ll introduce you to the infinite banking concept, and we’ll help you be prepared for the future. So, when the tragic and inevitable does happen, everyone will know what to do and why. They’ll be comfortable understanding how much it will cost and where the money will come from.



Joe Pantozzi CLU, Chartered Financial Consultant

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Common Sense Economics

Becoming Your Own Banker: The Infinite Banking Concept

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