How often have you read this HEADLINE:
Don’t buy cash value life insurance!  … Whatever you do, don’t buy cash value life insurance.

I’ll tell you what:

Give your money to the bank (like you do now)
Let the bank hold onto your money for years and years
(like they do now)
Let the bank buy the investment-grade life insurance with your money
(like they do now)
Let the bank receive the guaranteed growth.
Let the bank keep the death benefit. (yeah. like they do now)
Let the bank use those cash values as a significant portion of their reserves.
(just like now)
Let the bank collect the tax-free dividend check
(dividends that have been paid for the last 100+ years without a miss)

Let the bank keep your money “safe” (is that what they call it?) and pay you 1% or less
on your money – because that’s what they’re doing right now!!

“If you only knew how many dollars will attach themselves
to that hundred dollar bill in your pocket, you would take a lot better care of it!”

Or…if you don’t want to go to all that trouble, going to the banks and all that, just sit down with us. We will help you do the same thing that the banks are doing, except you can do it with your own life instead of the lives that the banks are using. And you can decide who receives the windfall and all those other benefits – the banks, or your family.

Bottom line: the banks are doing with our money what we have never been taught to do. They don’t have an exclusive lock on the formula. They just know the secret.

Now you do too.

– Joe Pantozzi

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