Like many of our associates, Vicki Vannalath’s path to joining the Alpha Omega Wealth team began with her passion and her ability to succeed in her chosen field as a business owner and restaurateur.

Set Your Sight on Success with Vicki Vannalath

Born in Laos, Vicki immigrated to the United States at the tender age of five. As an active and engaged member of her community, Vicki is also one of the founding board members of the Jai Lao Foundation, a charitable organization dedicated to helping the youth of Laos. Their foundation works to build schools in Laos while also providing for the basic and educational needs of those living in mountainous regions where aid is often difficult to obtain.

Work with a financial planner experienced in private wealth management

Before discovering the Infinite Banking concept with Alpha Omega Wealth, Vicki earned a degree in Business Administration for Computer Telecommunications from CSU-Hayward, where she specialized in management and technologies. After graduating, Vicki threw herself into the world of business, learning how to manage and leverage her education to enhance her earning potential while also helping her businesses grow.

Today, when Vicki isn’t helping clients establish and grow their financial legacy and personal wealth, she still owns, operates, and runs her restaurant in the Pacific Northwest. The hands-on experience of creating and building her restaurant ultimately led Vicki to discover the world of real estate and finance.

As a professional and entrepreneur, Vicki found her true passion when she was introduced to infinite banking. Learning how to make her money work harder and smarter helped Vicki establish a solid foundation for her future and that of her family. Like many of our associates, Vicki is passionate about infinite banking because she has been able to experience the benefits in her own life and the lives of her clients.

Grow Your Wealth with Alpha Omega Wealth

As a financial advisor for Alpha Omega Wealth, Vicki works hard to help you better understand your financial situation by giving you the benefit of the knowledge, education, services, and financial tools that fit your financial situation and your plans. At Alpha Omega Wealth, we offer our clients more than 100 years of combined financial experience. Call us to start seeing the benefit of infinite banking today!