Did you know that there are 35 federal agencies … that begin with the letter “A” alone.

Imagine if the rest of the alphabet contains HALF that much –
that means EACH of 500 federal bureaucratic agencies contain separate administrators, management teams, operating protocols, recruiting & training programs,
pension obligations, teams of lobbyists, office staff, BUDGETS … to name just some of their  moving parts !

I Googled the question, and depending on how you count them
there are between 479 and 1,300 bureaucratic agencies that comprise the federal government.
And yet, whenever I bring up the topic of shrinking the size of government, reducing the   numbers of bureaucrats who exert cradle-to-grave control and discretion over our lives, the impassioned response goes something like:  What? You want to leave our borders unprotected?  You want to stop funding hospitals, and the army, and emergency services?
And the FDA?!!  Allow the roads, bridges and power plants to crumble?
Heaven forbid – not the FDA!
But really, there are possibly 1,000 agencies that could potentially stand to go under the knife, even go to the scrap heap.
Take a look yourself.  Just look at the A’s.  There are 35 all told.
Here are just a few:
The Access Board. (access to what?)
Administrative Committee of the Federal Register (what the heck)
Administrative Conference of the United States (ditto)
Agency for International Development (why?)
Agricultural Marketing Service
(we have to market the stuff?  Isn’t that the job of private industry?)
Arthritis and Musculoskeletal interagency Coordinating Committee
(you can’t make this stuff up)
You get the picture.
Do we need 1,300 agencies and 2 million employees (excluding military) to “manage” US?
That’s an AWEFUL lot of sick pay, vacations, coffee breaks, personal time off, family leave,
double-dipping, medical care, redundancy, PENSIONS!  Not to mention… tenure.
Is there any question we can, should and must reduce government spending, indeed,
government itself?
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