Tell me ” THE PLAN ” !!
A close friend and associate, Mort Goldstein, used to ask his clients and prospective clients this question.
It seems most appropriate at this time of year.
What is YOUR PLAN to accomplish those things you most cherish?
Get control of your life.
Get control of your finances.
Take more great vacations.
Write more hand-written letters and notes.
See your folks more often.
Read your Bible more faithfully.
Extend yourself more.
Savor each hour, each relationship, each awesome moment, just a little bit more.
Travel to Europe, Australia, Hawaii, or the South Pole.
These are great, and I am certain you have a comparable list.
But how will you accomplish any of them, without a PLAN?
I ask my clients, what is it you want to do with your family, your business, your estate, your money?
Then I let them tell me.  Sometimes it takes minutes.  Sometimes it takes 2 hours.
Then I ask them, Tell me THE PLAN.
How do you intend to reach your goal without a roadmap?
Say you’re planning a trip to some great coast town in Oregon, or Washington, or California.
You plan on the calendar.
You tell your family to block out the time.
You plan your budget.
You get a vehicles ready, or make airline reservations.
You call ahead for campgrounds, or relatives, or hotel.
You notify your company, boss or your employees not to expect you in.
You forward your email, your snail-mail, your voicemail.
You delegate your work-load.
You bury your business cell phone in the couch – what the heck, you’ll use your spouse’s, or your kids’ !
You attend to a dozen other details – all for a 1-2 weeks trip.
What about “Retirement” ?  You’ll be there for years, maybe decades.
Now I don’t have a traditional view of retirement, but many friends and clients of mine do.
So I ask them, tell me THE PLAN.
Have you thought about one?  I don’t mean the silly, 200 page report that some jockey charged you $ 1,500 or more
to punch in a few buttons, then you took it home, put it up on a shelf, and haven’t even dusted it off in the last 3 years.
I’m talking about YOUR Plan.
How much?
For how long?
Who is involved?
What about a safety net?
What about an escape hatch?
What about part-time work in retirement?
What about starting to put teeth into it now, while it’s fresh in your mind
…. and while there IS still time ?

Joe Pantozzi CLU, Chartered Financial Consultant

Alpha & Omega Financial Services, Inc.
Common Sense Economics since 1976
Becoming Your Own Banker: The Infinite Banking Concept
For where your treasure is, there will your heart be also.  Mt. 6:21
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… when would YOU want to know?

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