I understand that when President Obama took the oath of office in 2009, he inherited a national debt of some $ 10 trillion.  And that at present the debt is some $16 trillion. Let’s equate his spending to Einstein’s physics.

If he spent $186,000 per second, he would be spending at the speed of light. Since light travels about 6 trillion miles in a year, he would have to spend $24. trillion dollars over that four years to keep up with the speed of light.

In 4 years of his presidency, he has allowed the debt to increase by $ 6 trillion, or one quarter the speed of light – which equates to spending $ 46,000 per second.

So our president and our Congress cannot agree on spending cuts amounting to 2% of our $ 3.8 trillion budget – 40 percent of which is put on ourspeed-of-light credit cards with foreign countries.

And they cannot see their way to reduce their profligate spending from $ $46,000 per second, to $45,080 per second.  That’s PER SECOND.

I don’t see the problem, do you?  Oh, that’s right – he does have another four years. Perhaps he can try harder and at least hit the $30 trillion debt mark by 2017.

That would be a good effort to break the light barrier.

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