At Alpha Omega Wealth, we are in the business of changing lives forever. One of the main ways we do that is by teaching our clients the importance of generational wealth. We start by answering the usual first question, “what is generational wealth?” Generational wealth is, simply, wealth that is passed down to future generations.

Understanding Generational Wealth

We like to take generational wealth a little further for our clients. We work to enable our clients to pass down not only wealth, but stable financial resources and habits. By giving our clients the resources and knowledge to build and protect personal wealth through our infinite banking concept, we help them create a legacy that will last through the next generations of their family.

Building generational wealth

Building generational wealth and leaving a legacy starts with correcting your small, daily actions. Once you get your daily actions in line with the knowledge you gain and the beliefs you have, you’ll be headed in the direction of building personal wealth.

Of course, you cannot just wish to have habits and wealth to pass down through generations. You must create at least one form of income for yourself. We recommend having some investments and residual income as well. Find a way to invest in yourself and accumulate assets that will be of value to you now and to your family into the future.

These assets will begin accumulating as personal wealth. To be able to invest in yourself and build that wealth, you have to stick to the good daily habits you have formed. Show future generations how to treat assets by spending, saving, and investing wisely.

Building a legacygenerational wealth mother and daughter

Once you have learned how to build up your personal wealth and assets, you’ve broken bad habits and replaced them with good habits, it’s time to pass them down. Make your habits known to children and grandchildren. Set up financial advising consultations that they can be a part of.

It’s so important to be transparent with your children about your financial habits. If they don’t learn it through the years with you, they will be starting from the bottom of the financial food chain no matter what assets you leave them with.

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