Alpha Omega Wealth is in the business of changing lives. We want to help you becoming an expert in private wealth management, but we also want to give you the skills to do it when we aren’t around. To help you, we have gathered links to the financial calculators necessary for your financial planning.

Get an idea of what to save and how to pay off debts.

Cash flow analysisaowcalculator

This basic calculator is a tool every household can benefit from. The Cash Flow Analysis calculator helps compare your income to your expenses to determine your net cash flow. The knowledge gained from this analysis will allow you to see how much you can really save or invest.

Include your loan payoff costs when calculating your net cash flow. The money that goes toward debt doesn’t come from “leftover” money. You should consider it a basic expense and give it such priority.

Loan payoff

This loan calculator is specifically built to show you what you are actually going to be paying back on a loan. It takes the money you are loaned, adds the interest and payoff time, and shows you the full amount due.

Use this as a way to decide if getting a particular loan is right for you. Use it to get motivated to pay off your existing loans more quickly than planned. We don’t want you to be overwhelmed or talked into anything you don’t truly want for your finances. Make sure you’re well-informed.


We don’t believe in living for retirement, but we do believe in saving for it. Our retirement calculator is designed to build savings goals. With your current savings, total retirement goal, and time left to save, we can show you how much to save every month to get where you want to be.


This tool is especially useful for anyone feeling behind on retirement savings. It doesn’t tell you you’re behind. It just shows you what you need to do to meet your final savings goal.

Life insurance

Looking after your family is part of your personal wealth management and part of our goal for you. Life insurance benefits may be one of the best ways to replace your income for your family in the event of your death.

Our life insurance calculator is designed to estimate the amount of life insurance necessary to produce a sufficient income stream for your family. You can add your current income, the amount your family uses from that, and the years they will depend on it. Insurance is an area you want to be familiar with before you begin shopping. Using this calculator will be a huge step in that direction.

Disability income insurance

Disability insurance can be slightly more complicated to predict than life insurance. It’s difficult to predict what expenses you and your family will face while addressing your disability.

This disability income insurance calculator takes in your current monthly expenses and adds additional expenses that will likely occur due to disability (nursing care, COBRA premiums, etc).

Net worth

With assets scattered through homes and businesses, it can be overwhelming to even think about your actual net worth. However, it is impossible to get a true picture of your financial situation without knowledge of your net worth.

Our net worth calculator summarizes your assets and liabilities to determine your net worth. With an idea of your net worth, you can begin accurate financial planning and personal wealth management.

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