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“Growing up, I always had the desire to make a difference. Working apart of Alpha Omega
Wealth and Practical Wealth Advisors LLC allow me to make that difference in peoples’ lives.
I am dedicated to helping families and business owners build wealth and increase the efficiency of their money.”

For over a decade, Cameron has known the value of handwork and being an active member of his community. Over Cameron’s life, he has observed firsthand the highs and lows of a community and its inhabitants that go through it. Over the last eight years, Cameron has spent
his free time as a middle school and high school boys’ soccer coach. This has given him valuable experience in learning proper ways to educate different people and learning how to be a great mentor.

Prior to discovering infinite banking, Cameron studied Finance at Susquehanna University. He lived abroad for several months in London, England, while traveling throughout Europe to other
countries including Italy and Wales. While Cameron was in college, he was the leader of Enactus, a nonprofit organization that focuses on innovation, community collaboration, and service. Cameron has worked with other service organizations such as The United Way and Central Susquehanna Opportunities. There, he worked in their finance departments honing his
skills on budget management, expense management, debt management, and grant writing.

Cameron holds licenses in life and health insurance. Cameron creates and uploads videos to his YouTube channel teaching people the basics of infinite banking and managing debt. He also hosts free bi-weekly webinars on infinite banking featuring other Alpha Omega Wealth and
Practical Wealth Advisors LLC Associates.

“Plan as if you are going to live forever and live as if you are going to die today” – Nelson Nash
Becoming Your Own Banker