What financial formula did you use to determine the amount of life insurance that you currently own?
(I’ll address ‘kind’ of life insurance in another article)
A) Some multiple of my current income – or net income.
B) Some number of years’ worth of my net income to my family.
C) An amount equal to all my current indebtedness, plus an amount for future income.
D) Some combination of the above increased for inflation at some chosen rate.
E) An amount determined by an analysis I paid a professional to perform.
F) An arbitrary amount I chose at random.
G) An amount determined by polling my friends, peers, my lawyer, or from an article I read
in a financial journal.
H) An amount agreed upon between my spouse and myself.
I)  An amount based on my budgeted premium.
J) An amount equal to 1.5 year’s income.
K) None.  I have no life insurance.
L) The amount provided by my employer’s group benefits.
Would you believe, every one of these choices is probably wrong?
Why?  Lots of reasons.
One of them is, that the amount you chose will likely not be the amount that is actually in effect
on the very day you graduate (die) – because you probably purchased said arbitrary amount of life insurance,
never really intending that this very amount would be the amount paid out to your intended recipient (beneficiary)
You just bought it to calm someone’s fear, or settle a nagging conscience, or satisfy an anxious spouse.
Why don’t you find out the truth about what you should own, and when, and how much, and why?
Sure, there are thousands of agents who will tell you some number, and justify it for you.
And you’ll take their word … for now, that is.
But if you’ll call us, we’ll demonstrate scientifically that the amount we’ll recommend, is one that cannot be reasonably shaken.
Call us.  You’ll be pleasantly surprised.
Joe Pantozzi CLU, Chartered Financial Consultant

Alpha & Omega Financial Services, Inc.
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Becoming Your Own Banker: The Infinite Banking Concept
For where your treasure is, there will your heart be also.  Mt. 6:21
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