It may seem simple, but mastering the rule of living within your means is essential to gaining financial freedom and unlocking the key to prosperity. Our financial advisors sit down with you and take you through every step of the process to ensure you understand how your money will be working for you.

Understanding Prosperity Economics

Manage your cash flow

Did you know the average household pays almost $1,300 in credit card interest alone? As the debt of the average household has skyrocketed, financial institutions are making record profits off of your money as it becomes more and more expensive to be an American.

For example, did you know that your current interest rate actually has very little to do with the long-term cost of your financed assets? We will show you how to use this knowledge to your advantage by financing assets in-house (from your private or family banking system) so that your estate receives the interest benefits that would normally go to a bank or lender.

By showing you how to control these elements of your credit, our team will explain infinite banking, the principles of prosperity economics and how these empower you to use elements of credit to build your wealth quickly and safely.

Invest in dividend-yielding life insurance

Imagine that your bank account is a store with perishable goods. For you to turn a profit, you must ensure that your inventory turns over in a timely fashion. This ensures that you can buy new inventory and continue growing your business. The higher the inventory turnover, the more profitable your retail business becomes.

What most financial planners don’t tell you is that this dynamic flow of goods is similar to the fluidity of money inside an insurance policy. Using life insurance as a reserve for your family’s lifestyle is a practice with a proven record of success. The principles of prosperity economics and the strategies of infinite banking have been established over the past 250 years, at Alpha Omega Wealth we simply empower you to make use of these strategies as well.

By utilizing the infinite banking concept and the guiding principles of prosperity economics, our wealth managers will show you that, by controlling the assets attached to your debt, you ensure that you are getting ALL your money back at the end of loan term. That’s including the principal amount of the loan, interest, tax benefits, residual value, and the continued use of the asset. Banks have been benefiting from the use of this method for decades—why shouldn’t you?

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