What do you know about long term financial preparation? Whether it’s making sure you’re able to afford a comfortable retirement or learning how to leverage your investments for growth, financial planning in Las Vegas is easier than you’d think. Discover how the infinite banking concept can help you change your life and your legacy.

Discover the Beauty of Dynasty Banking

What is the infinite banking concept? It’s a direct challenge the average consumer’s preconceived notions about the nature of banking and investing. When it comes to long-term financial preparation, establishing cash flow, investing in diversification and buying life insurance are not necessarily prioritized or understood by the mainstream.

Through the infinite banking concept, also known as dynasty banking, our financial planners and advisors invest in educating and empowering you to control your financial future fully and independently.

By investing in learning and mastering infinite banking, you’ll learn why investment and banking are such economic giants; and how to leverage their techniques to create and fund your own legacy for decades to come.

How infinite banking and long-term personal financial planning work

Infinite banking starts with purchasing a permanent, intentionally designed life insurance policy that both minimize the cost of your insurance while maximizing your capacity to build or add large cash values.

After buying life insurance, you become the policy owner; as such, policy cash values become immediately available to you for loans that can include big, ‘life’ expenses like buying a car or home. Because of the nature of these policies, not only are policy loans available at better rates than big banks, they are also sans economic qualifying conditions.

Depending on the policy, cash values can be borrowed against your policy with the ease of a phone call.  Cash values can be borrowed against with one quick phone call, and your insurance company fulfills funds according to their (or your) preferred method.

Benefits of long-term financial planning with infinite banking

When implementing the infinite banking concept and applying it your long-term financial preparation plan, you get the added benefit of tax-free compounds on your policy, even when you take a loan.

3 ways your premiums work for you in the annual funding of your Infinite Banking account:

  1. Earns guaranteed returns
  2. Funds readily available to you and your family for loans
  3. Purchase of additional Insurance

Our method is called Infinite Banking; just like a bank, we can teach you how to establish a diverse pool of allocated assets that you own and control.

Infinite Banking Concept, a Free Consultation

The tools you and knowledge you need for adequate long-term financial preparation are all at your disposal; you just need to know where to look. Financial planning in Las Vegas doesn’t have to be a gamble; connect with our financial advisors today.

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