Joe Pantozzi, CEO and founder of Alpha Omega Wealth, shares what inspired him to get into the business of personal wealth management. Alpha Omega Wealth was founded on the value of helping people do good with the capital they manage.

Alpha Omega Wealth invites professionals within the financial world to supplement the education they provide their clients. Clients’ current financial advisors are also welcome to join meetings with Alpha Omega Wealth to collaborate on creating the best plan to build personal wealth.

Meet Joe Pantozzi

“My name is Joe Pantozzi. I’m the CEO and founder of Alpha Omega Wealth. We have been in the business in southern Nevada and several other states across the country, literally, since 1976. I get very excited working with my clients who want to think about legacy, who want to think about creating wealth for themselves, protecting their wealth, building their wealth by taking commanding control over their family’s wealth and teaching their children how to do the same thing.

So when people come to me and they say, “Well, what products do you have? What’s the hot topic of the day? What’s your hot tip for me?” I don’t get all excited about that, but what I get excited about is helping people to learn and take control over their own education for their finances, and then teaching their children and their grandchildren. So I want people to learn how to take control because they will look over their money and they will get better results by understanding everything that’s going on in their financial world by being involved in how their money works.

I came into the insurance business the way a lot of people did: through life insurance with one of the big, 600 pound gorilla companies, learned the ropes with life insurance, disability annuities. I eventually got into investments and mutual funds and understanding a little bit about the market which I think is very difficult for anybody to do. I became excited about helping people. People need to have an understanding of finance to do anything– to invest, to build a business, to go to school. I found that it was a topic that I enjoyed learning and researching and sharing what I learned with people.

One of the unique qualities about Alpha Omega Wealth is that we have dedicated a pretty good size classroom to the topic of finance. We invite clients in on a regular basis– 30 or 40 people at a time. We bring in outside specialists whether they’re accountants, lawyers, people involved in franchise, mortgage people, any kind of professional that might have a benefit and might bring value to our clients. We also invite other professionals to come and see what we’re doing because our interest is in building people. We’re not so concerned about competition because we feel like if you’re sharing the truth with people, the right thing will happen.

We invite our clients to bring in their other financial advisors or other professional advisors to work with us and sit down with us. We actually encourage our clients not to take our recommendations if their current advisors don’t agree with them. So we have a little bit of a different perspective, different approach. It’s a very open approach. We like to share what we do with whoever will listen. The things that they’re doing currently, we want to test that mathematically, scientifically, and historically and find out if it’s working. Then probably at a larger scale, we want to encourage our clients to think about the “why.”

If a client comes in and says, “I want to become a millionaire,” I’m going to spend quite a bit of time asking them why they want to do that. Because having a pile of money sitting around is not enough. You need to have a reason why you want that money. The purpose of controlling capital, in my view, is to do good. The more capital you control, the more good you can do.

I would encourage anyone who is watching this video to go to our website,, look over the website and equate themselves with what we do and how we do it, why we do it, who we do it for. And then call our office, schedule a time to meet with us, whether it’s in person or through our video conference. We’d like to find out where you are with your profile, your business, your family. Find out your timeline, your profile, and what your “why” is and see if we’re a fit to work together.”

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