When you venture out to be your own banker and look to learn more about infinite banking, there are many things you need to know. Cash flow is the incoming and outgoing flow of cash. Understanding the way cash flows in and out of a business is the first step on the road to financial prosperity.

What Is Cash Flow?

How to calculate cash flow

Cash flow is the net movement of money for a given entity, whether its a business or a family household. In business, a measure of cash flow represents the operating procedures and activities. Many people measure cash flow by using the cash flow formula to find the difference between cash available at the beginning of a period and the end, (which is called the closing balance).

Your cash flow is positive if you have a higher closing balance. Your business can increase cash flow in many ways, some of which include selling more goods and services and reducing the costs it takes to run your business.

Why is cash flow important?

Understanding cash flow is critical to prosper financially because regardless of income level, overspending leads to poverty. Principle four of the Principles of Economic Prosperity states: Flow toward private wealth management.” This principle is the root of financial freedom and prosperity.

According to a recent study, about 61% of small and medium business owners think businesses fail because of their inability to manage costs. Once you realize the importance of available cash in your business, you are on your way to better private wealth management.

First, you should find out what is the cause of any possible cash flow crunch, and find a solution for it. Be prepared for all scenarios.  Plan for the best case scenario, in addition to the most likely case and the worst case to stay on top of your industry. Be prepared with a plan for any possible outcome.

Also, you should be mindful to not put all your eggs in one basket in your business. This means you should think of different backup service options to increase your incoming cash. If you only offer one service or product, and it fails, then your business may fail. Keep your money-making opportunities open.

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