An entrepreneur since he was only seven years old, Steve La Bella started building his legacy before he even entered high school. At the ripe age of 11, Steve started his own successful gardening service company, where he literally sowed the seeds of his future success. As a customer service expert and an experienced financial professional, Steve’s latest endeavor is a member of Alpha Omega Wealth’s Infinite Banking team.

Meet a Financial Advisor Dedicated to Service and Knowledge

Caring, compassionate service from the heart of California

With his deep community roots, Steve guides his professional and educational endeavors by the needs of his clients. As a financial coach, entrepreneur, and loan officer, Steve brings his passion and dynamic experience to every client meeting. As an expert, he’s here to help you establish and grow your wealth in exactly the way you need.

When it comes to business and financial planning, Steve, like our financial advisors in Las Vegas and Seattle, understands how essential the perspective and knowledge we provide is, especially for the families and entrepreneurs we work with. Because each financial situation is unique, you need a financial advisor who understands the full array of solutions and options available to you, based on your needs, capacity, and long-term financial goals.

As an experienced commercial and residential loan officer, Steve is passionate about helping his clients obtain the lasting legacy they deserve. He’ll help you with tasks like establishing a home for future generations and developing a private banking system to sustain your legacy while protecting it from greedy banks and big corporations.

Work with a Financial Advisor Who Believes in Your Legacy

None of us know what tomorrow may bring, but working with the right Alpha Omega Wealth financial advisor is one of the best ways to protect your future and your family’s. Connect with Steve La Bella to start building your legacy, today.