Before joining Alpha Omega Wealth as a financial advisor, Julius Botelho received his license as an insurance agent in 1981. Since then, he has dedicated more than 35 years to successfully leveraging different insurance plans and financial programs to impact the quality of his client’s lives positively.

Establish Your Legacy with an Expert in Balance: Meet Julius Botelho

From life insurance to infinite banking

Like other members on our team of financial advisors, Julius is a strong believer in the power of personal financial education as the cornerstone of wise private wealth management. His passion for research is similar to that of our very own CEO, Joe Pantozzi. And like Joe, it has been Julius’s passion to research the mastery of money that led him to discover the Infinite Banking Concept in 2013.

Inspired by the power of infinite banking to improve the personal wealth and quality of life for his clients, Julius and his wife and business partner, Nancy, decided to redirect their agency’s focus. Together, they worked to go from an agency that focused on helping clients survive catastrophic health events, to financial planners that help families address the serious debt and retirement hurdles threatening their financial stability.

Get first-hand insight on how you can become your own banker

At Balance For Life Insurance Services, Julius’s focus was on implementing time-tested solutions that helped clients reap the rewards of becoming their own bankers. Others that follow the herd and prepare for retirement through “buying Term and investing the difference” can risk exposing their assets to excessive taxation and devastating potential losses at the hands of Wall Street.

Check off Your Financial To-Dos with a Financial Advisor who Cares

When asked what he does, here is Julius’s answer: “I help people do those things that are on their ‘To Do’ list, but they just haven’t gotten around to yet. I help with things like wills and trusts, life insurance and financial planning to make sure that you don’t ‘graduate’ without the security you deserve.”

When you work with Julius, you are working with a financial advisor who loves helping families empower themselves and their financial legacies. Contact Julius at Alpha Omega Wealth to learn more about how infinite banking can help your family.