be-in-control-of-your-moneyAt Alpha Omega Wealth, we have a goal to help you learn and better understand your personal wealth management and how easy it is to become your own banker with the right assistance. Traditional wealth management dictates that you keep all of your money kept in banks, but this may not be the best solution if you aim to grow your private wealth. We want to provide you with the knowledge and tools to understand what the banks do with your money, how you can become your own banker and what that entails.

What the Banks Use Your Money for

Banks make an income by lending money at a higher rate than the amount of money they allow to the borrower. This sets up a steady inflow of cash for the banks to then lend out and restart the entire process.

While you have a place to keep your money, keeping your wealth in banks does not allow for growth or the options for you to measure out your next investments. The goal is to act as your own banker and mimic the strategies they use to better your own wealth and finances.

Take Back Control and Become Your Own Banker

Those with the gold make the rules. When your money is tied up in big banking, you have to follow their rules and standards, even when it comes to your own personal finances. You want to have complete control of your own money. With our help, you can learn how to put money back into your own pockets and pay yourself back with interest after you spend.