At Alpha Omega Wealth, our comprehensive approach to private wealth management means that protecting your legacy is our priority. We strive to build a team of financial planning experts who are not only dynamic and motivated, but also thorough, trustworthy, and caring.

Meet Gloria Viel, Our Underwriting Manager

While our financial advisory team focuses on teaching clients like you how to establish their own personal wealth banking systems, Gloria is a key player in making sure that “all the ‘I’s are dotted, and the ‘T’s are crossed.”

Gloria worked as an administrator for more than 20 years in a variety of professional fields. Currently, she works with our team to help you establish a firm foundation for growing and protecting your family’s current assets while accumulating wealth and creating cash flow. From administrative tasks to making sure you know when and where to meet your financial advisor, Gloria performs key functions for our firm.

At Alpha Omega Wealth, we care about your financial future

With a background in education and nursing, it is no wonder that caring for our clients comes naturally to Gloria. As a medical assistant and administrator for the Clark County School District, Gloria has been helping educate our community for almost 20 years.

In addition to helping us streamline our holistic approach to financial planning and education in an administrative capacity, Gloria has harnessed the knowledge and skills she’s learned through infinite banking to give back to the community. She also works to help provide a better future for her children and her shelter rescue.

Let Alpha Omega Wealth Help You Build Your Legacy Today

At Alpha Omega Wealth, our mission to help our clients develop private banking systems to serve as the foundation for the growth and accumulation of their financial legacy. Let’s get started on yours today!