Cameron Christiansen was first introduced to the concept of infinite banking when he came to us as a client in 2008. Then, he worked as the owner and operator of his own business. His success at applying the principles of prosperity economics into his life and business is just one of the reasons Cameron is so passionate about empowering our clients through infinite banking.

Choose the Financial Advisor Who Keeps Your Future in Mind

Although originally from Idaho, Cameron has quickly developed deep roots in the Vegas community. He’s not only a business owner and financial advisor but also as a husband and father to three children.

As an entrepreneur, Cameron enjoys working with other professionals and business owners so that they too can enjoy the financial benefits of privatized banking in both their business and personal lives.

Cameron has a passion for helping clients achieve financial independence while creating a family legacy. His work is rooted not only in his success at applying these concepts to his own business and life but also in the success and financial freedom he has helped his clients attain.

Let us put prosperity economics to work for you and your family

By working with Cameron as a financial advisor, clients learn how to regain control of their finances by creating their privatized banking systems. Three of the most common concerns that Cameron helps clients with include:

  • Concern about potential tax increases and a need for strategies to offset rising tax liabilities
  • Concerns caused by market volatility and a need for methods to ensure that their money is there for them in the future when they need it
  • They are frustrated with the amount of interest they are paying to their banks and lenders and are in need of a strategy to consolidate or redirect those payments

As a member of Rotary Club, the Henderson Chamber of Commerce, and a board member of the Christian Businessmen’s Network, Cameron is dedicated to helping fellow entrepreneurs and their families achieve the economic freedom they deserve. He is also a member of the Prosperity Economics Movement, a nonprofit devoted to educating the public that there are better alternatives for their money than to surrender it to Big Banks with Wall Street conflicts of interest.

Through his involvement in the community, Cameron has also seen how the practice of infinite banking can help business owners and their families eliminate the three greatest siphons on their wealth: taxes, interest paid to others, and investment losses.

If you’re curious about infinite banking or if you’re simply sick of seeing your hard earned dollars get usurped by interest rates and greedy lenders, contact Alpha Omega Wealth today for a free consultation. Cameron and the rest of our experienced and dedicated team are ready to offer our advice and support as you pave the way for a prosperous future.