As a dynamic and experienced professional, Brittany Findrick has more than ten years of experience growing and working in Las Vegas. She’s no stranger to what it takes to make yourself a success. With her extensive background in event planning, marketing, and customer relations, Brittany’s expertise at connecting with her clients has helped shape her into an effective, caring, and trustworthy financial advisor.

Discover Prosperity Economics with Brittany Findrick

When it comes to making the decisions that will shape and secure the future of your business, your family, or both, it’s essential to work with a financial advisor who can see beyond the little picture. Our financial planners, like Brittany, are trained to guide you through a private wealth management strategy that’s designed around not just your financial needs, but the goals for your entire family.

At Alpha Omega Wealth, we believe your future is as big as you want it to be; all you have to do is apply the teachings of Infinite Banking and prosperity economics.

Why you should work with a financial planner who understands your goals

As a marketing and hospitality professional in the tourist capital of the world, Brittany is no stranger to the demands of high profile clientele. Brittany spent almost 20 years in the marketing and public relations fields as an event coordinator, project planner, and account manager. During this time, she honed her ability to develop meaningful, productive, and valuable relationships with key customers in a variety of fields.

Brittany’s inclination to help others led her to begin working in the insurance and financial fields, where she found a passion for helping individuals, entrepreneurs, and their families find the insurance policies that would ensure them long-term financial security. As the newest member of our team, Brittany has hit the ground running and is already putting her skills as an infinite banker to work.

Stop Scarcity Mindset in Its Tracks with Our Financial Advisors

Are you a business owner in need of concrete investment plans? Are you a parent looking for secure future for your children?  Welcome the prosperity mindset into your life by learning the secret to obtaining and retaining personal wealth with our financial advisors today!